“the best kept secret” -  Whenever, wherever, on a plane, before a game, or simply in the office, everyone can benefit in one or more ways from the Zuber Ball.

Our feet are the foundation of our ENTIRE BODY and the underside of the foot, called the Plantar Fascia, is often a source of trouble that communicates up through the entire body. When problems with the feet or bad circulation occur, the entire body structure becomes faulty and out of balance. The answer is to use the Zubery Ball which will improve your gait, alignment, flexibility, mobility and muscle tone, plus increase blood circulation which provides energy to working muscles and aids in healing damaged tissue. An added bonus -“the feeling is euphoric"

Zuber Ball

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  • The Zuber Ball is essentially a rubber ball made from monoprene (elastomeric polymer) with small, protruding pimples on the surface to stimulate the skin, during use. The compression factor is very specific and consistant, not being too soft nor too hard, as in the case of a GOLF BALL, which is too hard and too small or a TENNIS BALL, which loses compression and is too soft. These two balls are certainly not designed as massage tools.  More info

    The ball has a silicone rubber tubing inserted through a central hole to prevent it from rolling away, when in use, especially while on a long-distance flight. This tubing is simply twisted around the ankle to secure the ball under the user's foot. The tubing is non-toxic and virtually unbreakable and can be used for various other exercises (like a thera-band). It is possible for the user to detach the tubing from the ball if it is uncomfortable or to shorten it's length.

    It is a patented product:  Patent No 2010/01403.