Coaching unlocks your potential and helps you achieve the success you deserve.
Zuber Vitality coaching will help you align, evolve and elevate your life. We love exploring with motivated and intentional people who are committed to learning, growing and unlocking their true potential.
"Success and failure are self-fulfilling prophecies"
"My job is to awaken possibility in other people...
Possibility lies in making a difference and creating value from a situation - without denying that certain issues exist."

Benjamin Zander co-author of The Art of Possibility


Coaching can help you step into your best life.  With a coach as your trusted partner you can get to where you want to be...quicker, easier and with more certainty.
8 ways you can benefit from coaching:
  • Gaining clarity about what you want...

  • Unpacking current realities and assumptions...

  • Seeing new possibilities in your life...

  • Identifying alternative options...

  • Improving self-awareness and confidence...

  • Overcoming obstacles, fear, and insecurities...

  • Creating a plan to reach your goals faster...

  • Building a team of trusted people to hold you accountable...

"It is never too late to be what you might have been""

George Eliot

Live. Work. Connect. Meaning.
What are you looking for?

Let's talk.  A free no-obligation one on one Discovery call helps us discover if there is a good fit together.  We explore your goals for wanting coaching, what coaching is, how I can help, and what your commitment is to unleashing your potential.

Health and Wellness

Create harmony and intentionally craft your experience for wellbeing and fulfilment.  Enhance your physical and psychological health and elevate resilience and happiness.


Expand your potential and impact in your life and work. Explore self-limitations, shift mindset and perspective, ask different questions, make better decisions, create a positive mental attitude, embrace challenge.


Learn to better manage stress, change specific behaviours or habits, access creativity, become assertive, improve self-leadership. Align how you show up to your deeper values and purpose.

Personal Development

Cultivate self awareness and connection.

Be more conscious, and transform perceptions and beliefs.  Clarify

your values, purpose and meaning. Become more of the person you want to be in all aspects of your life.

Explore. Evolve. Elevate.
Are you interested in working with me? Here’s how to get started.

1. Schedule a complimentary, no-obligation Discovery Call. You can do that right here.

2. When you book you will need to provide a reason for your interest. Before we connect in person, I’d like to know a bit about you and what you’d like to get out of coaching with me.


3. Enter a short reason and complete the booking.


4. In this initial call, we’ll use the opportunity to answer any questions and make sure we’re a good fit before you commit.


5. If you decide to work with me, we’ll get started! If you decide not to work with me or if we aren’t a perfect fit, I’m happy to share other resources to help you get what you need.

Have questions? Email me at

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My fee

My fee is value-based.


How much do you value changes in your life that bring self-fulfilment, growth, a sense of wellbeing, improved health, less stress and revitalised connections with others?  Priceless.

My normal fee is $AUD180 per session

Buy as part of a package and save a further 10%!

Special $90 session fee until end Feb 2021 (as part of 5 session package)
- intake is limited so first come first served -
Note also that there is an initial free, no obligations Discovery Call to answer your questions and seeing if we are a match*

*and before agreeing that I will be able to support you as your coach