About Ian

I am Ian and I am passionate about helping people live better, happier and healthier.
I work with people who want to grow, flourish and gain a zest for life.
I aim to support and collaborate with you for your personal growth, wellbeing, and potential.  This reflects my coaching philosophy which is founded on the personal growth and conscious choice of the client.

I am a Certified Human Potential Coach through the Human Potential Institute.  I am Mental Health First Aid certified and my background includes a career in the corporate world, workshop facilitation, and organisation development.  I've also been an endurance athlete, completing multiple triathlons, marathons, adventure races, and cycle rides.  I also work as a leadership facilitator and provide personal growth opportunities for people in the great outdoors.

I have experienced life transitions first hand, where personal growth was the only way forward. Coaches have helped me identify what was important to me. They gave me a way of seeing things through fresh eyes and empowered me to not be a victim to circumstances.


My coaches helped me to align and structure my thinking and I was able to see options and alternatives that had not been clear before.


Now, as a coach myself, I have a new found purpose of helping others find their own ways. I am here to help you align, evolve, and elevate your life.  See more details in my blog.


Anyone who’s inspired, courageous and willing enough to do what it takes to go from zero to zest.  I love exploring with motivated and intentional people who are committed to growing, giving and potential.


We start by agreeing how we want to maximise our collective power in our work together.  The real start is establishing what it is that you are really wanting in your life.  Let’s be honest, clarity is crucial when you set off on any journey.  Many of us envision life goals or dreams without being able to articulate them, or ever exploring why we want them, or where they come from.

How your coaching journey unfolds depends on what arises from session to session … moment by moment. In my coaching we explore pathways together and evolve a developmental life plan which enables direction and practical actions.


"For me personally, Ian is the single most important positive change agent I have come across."


"the coaching we had together impacted me greatly and the results have been extremely beneficial. Life is good!"

Where do we coach?

Mostly we connect on the Zoom platform which offers voice and visuals in the same way as Skype. It’s very common for coaches to work in this way these days, and obviously means we can both coach while in any environment (providing we each have a connection and privacy). With Zoom you can also connect via smartphone app as well as computer. If necessary you may simply call in as a normal voice-only phone call.  Most importantly this means you don’t lose time traveling to sessions and back.

Of course you can be anywhere on the globe to coach with me as I coach with people from all over the world. The only catch for us is to suitably sync time zones. I’m generally on the west coast of Australia (same timezone as Singapore and Beijing) and almost exactly 12 hours from much of North America.

I do offer face-to-face coaching if that is practical, and if so we will typically combine a mix of Zoom and face-to-face.