You're not as young as you used to be and you don't want to always be at the doctor to be "fixed". Prevention is better than cure right?
You want to be happy and healthy.
Some of your friends are battling with lifestyle diseases such as overweight, cardiovascular conditions, diabetes and you may even have a parent who has succumbed to dementia.  You want to avoid the same fate.
Deep down your inner voice is telling you “there must be more to life than this”.
Zuber Vitality's aim is to help you design your lifestyle so your body thanks you for it, you feel mentally strong and fulfilled and you grow your zest for life! 
We make resources available and are building a community for you to engage.  Information, ideas and stories about getting the most out of your life as you live your life with zest.
Live your life without regrets.


Connections with friends, family and community.  Sleep and stress management.


Movement: exercise and walking for cardio, strength, flexibility, friends and fun.


Any change starts with the mind.  You need to decide on the life you want to lead.


Learn what is good for you and develop healthy eating habits.

Good real tasty food.


Mental Health.  Physical Health.

Longevity.  Wellbeing.

We offer you the opportunity to work with us.  Our aim is to enable you to be the happiest and healthiest person possible.  Whether you find the information and inspiration you need and that's enough, or you would like us to provide you with some direction and coaching is totally up to you.


"For me personally, Ian is the single most important positive change agent I have come across."


"the coaching we had together impacted me greatly and the results have been extremely beneficial. Life is good!"

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